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Órgão da Catedral da Sé de Mariana Here you can see more details of the Mariana organ.
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This first photo shows the whole Arp Schnitger organ in the Cathedral of Mariana.

Órgão da Catedral da Sé de Mariana Organists Elisa freixo and Josinéia Godinho.
win_06b1t Trumpeter Angel He carries a shield of the Franciscan order, which confirms the instrument’s stay in a Portuguese church or convent of that


Hamburg facade One of the striking characteristics of Arp Schnitger and his school.

win_06b2t Decoration Left-side angel.
win_06b11t Decoration Paintings with Chinese motifs.
Brustwerk Its sound can vary in intensity with open or closed stops.
Hauptwerk Has the most important sounds of the organ.

Keyboards Arp Schnitger’s originals, made of ivory (white keys) and ebony (black keys).

Pedal A keyboard like the manuals to be operated by the feet.

Drawstops They allow the organist to select which stops will sound or not.