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orgao How the organ was created

Many, many years ago, when people still lived in caves, they already made muse: for sure, they sang and clapped to follow their singing. Very quickly, they also discovered that it was possible to make sounds banging objects against each other, and thus the first drums were invented.

Not much later they started blowing into bamboos, bones, and other things that looked like pipes; it didn’t take much time for the first flute to appear. If it was possible to play one flute at a time, it might be possible to play many flutes at the same time. Thus, many flutes were put side by side until a big problem arose: people couldn’t play so many flutes, nobody could blow enough air to play them all at the same time.

As men have always been experts at inventing things, this problem didn’t last long: the bellows was invented. With it, it’s possible to blow as much air as needed, and putting together the bellows and the flutes, the first organ was created. From then on, all kinds of organ were built: big, small, church organs and traveling organs; some organs were played by the same person the made the air, and others on which a person played and other people made the air. Many years went by, and today it’s possible to make air without anyone at the bellows, just with a motor!

Already at the time of the gladiators of King Arthur there organs, and when the first Europeans came to Brazil, they brought a very small organ, one that could be carried, and they kept bringing them, at first because the Indians liked them, and then, certainly because it sounded beautifully.

Of the many organs that came from afar, one remained in the Cathedral of Mariana. Old of 300 years, it can still be played for another 300, thanks to the work of Arpi and his brothers. But that’s another story.