The Organ


> The Organ Arp Schnitger

What is an Organ An organ is “a keyboard instrument in which sets of pipes are sounded by compressed air and produce a variety of timbres” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

The organ is composed of the following elements: bellows, conductors, windways, windchest, pipes, and keyboards. Learn more about them:

> Bellows instrument producer of air.

> Windways and Windchest responsible for the distribution and storage of air.

> Pipes sound-producing elements also known as stops.

> Keyboard allow the organist to control the airflow.

In addition to these elements, the Mariana Schnitger organ has two keyboards:

> Hauptwerk – Great organ or main manual that controls the set of pipes in the top portion of the case.

> Brustwerk – a keyboard located at the height of the organist’s chest that has soloist stops.